Working from Home? - Are you claiming the correct business expenses?

Published on 1 June 2020 at 14:39

Due to Coronavirus more people than ever are working from home - check that you are claiming the correct expenses. 


Working from Home

As a home worker you can claim a proportion of your domestic utility bills based on the rooms you use in the property and time spent working from home.

For example, a property with six rooms of equal utility usage - one of which is used as a home office is in use for three days per week on average throughout the financial year. The annual domestic utility bills total £3,120 over the year (allowable bills include gas, electric, council tax, internet and mortgage interest or rent). 

The allowable expense would be £3,120 divided by six rooms = £520, times three days a week = £222.86. 

Alternatively, you can claim a flat rate of £10 per month where working 25 - 50 business hours per month, £18 per month for 51 to 100 business hours or £26 per month for 101 business hours or more. 

Lets assume in this example that in those three working days you worked 27 hours. The total allowable expense would be £10 x 12 months = £120. 

In this example, it would be more beneficial to claim based on the first calculation.


Using a good accountant can save you money as well as time.

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