Will Farmer Awarded AAT Fellow Membership (FMAAT)

Published on 24 November 2021 at 16:00

I am delighted to have recently been awarded AAT fellow membership (FMAAT).

AAT fellow membership is awarded to AAT qualified accountants that can demonstrate "senior experience, advanced expertise and sustained professionalism."

As an AAT Licensed Accountant, I am required to maintain high professional and ethical standards that are subject to practice assurance reviews by AAT.

This gives clients confidence that all accounting work is completed competently and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and accounting standards.

For accounting advice and information you can contact me at will@matrixaccountancyservices.com or call 01788 486065 for a free consultation.


- This article was written by Will Farmer FMAAT,

AAT Licensed Accountant and Managing Director of Matrix Accountancy Services Limited

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